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Water Savings


The 'Autostopcock' allows the automatic & manual cut off from your water supply preventing leaks and flooding. The unit shuts off the water supply in the event of adverse water flow saving your property & contents from water damage. And when you want to wash the car, it has a manual over-ride at the push of a button.

Water Flow Regulators

Water can be saved throughout the home or workplace by changing habits and practices and also by installing water saving devices. Water flow regulators restrict the flow of water without reducing pressure or affecting the wash and rinse effect. Annual water and effluent savings of up to 13 per tap a year.

Water Butts

The average UK consumer water usage is now around 160 litres per day compared with 140 litres per day in the 80s. It is important we make these changes in our lifestyle so that we can ensure that we have a sustainable water supply in the future and also save us money on our water bills. You can expect savings of up to 10%.

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