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What is the Feed in Tariff Scheme? (FITS)

The feed in tariff is a rate of money paid by the government to those who generate their own electricity through small scale renewable energy installations, including Solar PV.

Under this scheme, UK home owners have the potential to earn upto 1000 per year. Feed in tariffs can be received both from the generation of electricity, and by selling unused generated electricity to the National Grid. Combining earnings with the savings on your electricity bill can equate to a total income of close to 1000 per year!

In the UK, homeowners are guaranteed payments from the government for the next 25 years. The amount of money received depends on the size and type of installation.

For example, those having a 5,000, 2.3kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation will receive a total FITS benefit of upto 500 per year. They currently receive 21p per kWh. Additionally, any unused electricity will receive a further 3p per kWh, so 24p altogether.

The income is totally tax free and will increase with RPI (index-linked)

Only those installations that use products and installers certified under the government's microgeneration certification scheme, qualify for the full feed in tariff.

Electro Contractors Ltd is MCS certified, and is fully compliant with all relevant renewable technology laws, procedures, and quality control requirements.

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