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Frequently asked questions - SOLAR PV

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What is Solar photovoltaics (PV)?

How does solar PV work for our homes?

Do Solar PV panels need direct sunlight to work?

What if the panels I install don't produce enough for my consumption needs?

How long are PV systems expected to last?

Do Solar PV installations require planning?

Is my roof strong enough?

How long will the installation take?

What is the feed in tariff scheme (FITS)?

What services do you provide?

Frequently asked questions - ELECTRICAL

How much do you charge for electrical work?

Do you issue landlord certificates for electrical work?

How do I book a job?

When were you established??

Where can I find your premises?

Frequently asked questions - HEATING

What is a gas safety and landlord certificate?

How often should I have my gas boiler serviced?

My central heating has started coming on with my hot water (whether I like it or not). What's happened?

Why is my radiator hot at the top and cold at the bottom?

What is a Powerflush?

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