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Electricity Savings

Voltage Optimiser

A voltage optimiser is designed to reduce mains voltage typically to a fixed level of 220 Volts. This is a reduction of around 10% for most of the homes in the UK. This reduction in voltage results in the reduction in electricity bills by the same 10% on average.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV Panels harness the energy from daylight to produce electricity all year round. Homeowners can earn upto £750 a year, and save £250 on their electricity bills, earning an overall £1000 per year. 25 years of guaranteed payments, tax free, index linked.....what are you waiting for?

LED Lighting

Without a filament to break or burn out, LED light bulbs can last for over 100,000 hours without any significant reduction in light. Unlike standard bulbs, which lose 80% of their energy through heat, LED bulbs release about 20% in this way. On top of this, they operate at 10-20 percent of the power, so lowering your bills dramatically.

Electricity Monitors

In order to get in touch with your electricity use, an installed wireless energy monitor will show you instantly how much electricity you're using twenty four hours a day. These devices allow you to keep track of your usage in electric units and in pounds/pence. Knowing your energy usage can help you to keep track of the devices you have switched on/off

Auto Shut Off Standby Devices

Standby auto cut off devices help to cut your carbon footprint, cut your energy bills and reduce the risk of electrical fires - Simply plug your appliance into the automatic Standby Shutdown and after going into standby mode, the device automatically cuts off the electricity supply, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. Itís quick, safe and simple.

Eco Kettles

You can fill these kettles to the maximum, and then boil as many cups as required. This means you only boil the water you actually need. You save water, time, and money.

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