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Introduction to Energy Saving Products

The two main reasons why we should think about energy efficiency in our homes are 1. to save £££s and 2. to safeguard and protect the environment.

Saving Money

The simple fact is, we are using more energy than we ever did, and the cost of energy is continuously on the rise. Add to this the fact that we don't use our energy efficiently...........this means we are wasting a resource, and as a result, losing money.

Saving the Environment

Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas contributing to global climate change. It is estimated that in the UK, just under 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions are produced from our homes.

Climate change has been linked to rising sea levels, eroding coastlines, the melting of the icecaps, fierce winter storms and flooding, to name a few consequences.

The UK government is under a legally binding contract (under the Kyoto protocol) to cut greenhouse emissions by 80% by 2050.

Energy Saving Products

There are many ways that we can implement energy saving ideas in the home. The great thing is, since these products are saving you money, they pay for themselves! Click on the links on the left to view the range of energy saving products that we provide.

And since the government wants to help us to help ourselves, there are many monetary incentives available for households to implement energy saving/generating solutions. One such monetary incentive is the Feed in Tarriff for Solar Electricity Generation.

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